Institute for China Studies


Executive Coaching for China Professionals


In addition to our courses and programs, we support working professionals and business executives making better informed business decisions via executive coaching.

Our executive coaching aims to help you with your unique personal situation of your leadership role and the course of your organization. We do this by asking critical questions, holding up mirrors, presenting ideas, presenting surprising perspectives and sharing experiences. Both from a business and personal perspective. You broaden your horizons and learn to see surprising possibilities or solutions.

Our areas of expertise

Business coaching

Leadership coaching

Performance coaching

We provide (aspiring) business executives and entrepreneurs with support in identifying goals, creating strategies to obtain those goals, and boosting the overall performance of the organization.

We provide coaching for working professionals and business executives looking to grow and develop their leadership skills, regardless of whether they are an individual contributor, manager, or senior manager.

We support working professionals and business executives within organizations who need to improve their work performance, often as a result of performance appraisal results, regardless of their seniority level or position.