2.5 Assignment Week 2 Copy

Page Completion Estimate = 2 Hours

For this week’s assignment, you will complete the case study included in the assignment template.


You will find the assignment template on the Materials Page.


The assignments is due at the end of the week (Sundays).

Dropbox Submission

All assignments MUST be uploaded onto the Institute’s portal assigned to this course and use the correct file naming format. Assignment send to your course professor via email will not be reviewed and graded.

Assignment Naming Convention

Students are to submit their assignments using the following naming convention. Family Name is first and CAPITALIZED followed by the first name, assignment type, version (if any), and date. This will greatly facilitate things for everyone concerned. All files should be saved in the form of a doc or docx file. If a second version is uploaded when redrafted then the file should be titled as shown in the second example:

  • VAN OSTENDE-Richard-Assignment Week 1-21-Nov-2021
  • VAN OSTENDE-Richard-Assignment Week 1-22-Nov-2021


Plagiarism is a serious academic offence. All submitted work is verified using state-of-the art plagiarism software. Any student found plagiarizing will face strict disciplinary action, which may include expulsion from the Institute.