Institute for China Studies

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Welcome at the
Institute for China Studies

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide working professionals and business executives with the essential knowledge and understanding required to make better-informed business decisions related to business in and with China, delivered via in-person and online learning, via seminars and webinars and via in-company trainings. 

Via our publications, business guides, and handbooks we aim to provide insights on how the latest developments shape China’s business landscape and influence international business.

Our Motivation

China’s years of continuous economic development have resulted in a constantly evolving and fast-paced changing of the domestic and international business landscape. These continuous changes will continue to influence demographic, economic, politics, ecologic, social, and technological developments.

When it comes to interaction when doing business in and with China, in different regions of the country, different languages and dialects are spoken, and cultural differences are to be considered, which not only exist between Chinese and foreign people, but also among the Chinese themselves.

In addition, on a daily basis China is subject of popular debate.

Altogether, doing business in China and with China based enterprises is not always straightforward. Our aim is to provide objective information from official sources which lead to a better understanding and insight of how business in China works and does not work, supporting better-informed business decisions.