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How We Deliver Value

Tailoring to your exact learning needs, for every stage of business in China, we design flexible online, onsite and hybrid training programs. 

Our courses, programs, and training sessions and webinars are designed to share knowledge with working professionals and business executives to support better informed business decisions when doing business in China and with China-based enterprises.

To ensure our courses and programs are China business oriented and provide meaningful information and insights that can be directly applied in your professional work environment, we apply an inductive approach to teaching and knowledge sharing.

The foundation of our course materials consists out of Chinese regulatory materials, which originate at the country’s national level, and is further substantiated on provincial and municipal levels. We interpret the relevant topics related to our courses and programs to determine what a policy (change) means for business.

Our course content is then substantiated by expert contributors who share their experiences and leanings from extensive business practice, to provide you with a deeper understanding on a certain aspect of doing business in China and with China-based enterprises. Further insights and opinions are from international organizations, PRC organizations, Sino-foreign business advocacy organizations, Chinese and foreign semi-governmental organizations, think tanks and industry leading enterprises.

In terms of reading materials, you will be provided with the original policy documentation (original Mandarin Chinese language, plus translations in English language) so you can read and develop an understanding of the language used in official documentation. For the purpose of comprehension, you will be further provided with tailored course materials, composed in business English, which provides you with an analysis and interpretation of the official texts.

Initial attention goes out to provide information and translate the information in a way you can develop a profound understanding of the subject matter, as well as the implications for doing business. Following, through assignments you are to apply this knowledge and understanding to their own organizational context. This implies outcomes will differentiate.

In terms of facilitating learning, you are guided throughout the course, and upon completion you will have gained essential new knowledge related to your business or profession and have learned how to independently determine what set of regulations applies to your organizations, and what it means for your work of business operations.

100% Online Delivery

Actionable Knowledge

Experienced Professionals

Official Data Sources

Our certificate courses and programs are designed to be completed fully online enabling you to continue working throughout the course (unless you choose for a blended or in-company delivery).

New gained knowledge and insights from our programs, courses and business-oriented publications are directly applicable in business.

Our programs and courses are designed and taught in close partnership with experienced China and foreign-based industry professionals.

Data from official sources is utilized to provide a detailed and accurate view of the latest developments in China’s business environment.

Practical Assessment

Tailormade Literature

Personal Assistance

Certificate of Completion

Assessments are carried out through a number of written assignments at the end of each unit, where you apply new learned knowledge directly to your organizational or business context.

To reflect the latest business developments in China, our programs and courses include tailormade literature and reading materials.

Throughout the course you can contact your professor for professional questions or discussion via the online learning environment directly.

Upon successful completion of the program or course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by the Institute for China Studies.

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