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Understanding Payroll, Social Security, And Income Tax In China

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In this course you will gain an in-depth understanding of China’s payroll system, its social security system and individual income tax framework, including the rights and obligations that apply to both employer and employees. You will learn about the components of China’s social security system, the compliance requirements towards employees in regards of calculation, and contribution as well as the determination of the maximum and minimum contributions.

Per 1 January 2019 China’s amended Individual Income Tax Law entered into effect, which has been the largest reform of law and regulations concerning individual income tax in nearly forty years, effecting changes in the calculation of taxpayers’ IIT liability, IIT withholding and how annual IIT reconciliation and filing is processed. The reform resulted in the establishment of a comprehensive and classified personal income tax system.

You will gain in-depth insights in how the individual income tax framework is designed, starting with definition of resident and non-resident individuals under the relevant law and regulations. Next focus goes out to the determination of tax residency and taxability of income in China, followed by the determination of different types of income for individual taxpayers recognized under the new tax law. You will develop an understanding of the tax deductions under China’s new Individual Income Tax Law, and how transitional preferential tax.

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“In this course you will learn the ins and outs of China’s payroll system, its social security system and individual income tax framework, including the rights and obligations that apply to both employer and employees.”
Dr. Van Ostende
Founder, Institute for China Studies

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