Institute for China Studies

Enterprise Accounts for Organizations

Enterprise accounts for organizations

The Institute for China Studies supports executives and their organizations to develop insights, new knowledge and share of best practices of doing business in China, hereby supporting better informed business decisions.

Teamwork is essential to the success of organizations. When team members work together, they can share information, ideas, and perspectives to solve problems more effectively. Working together further stimulates the team members’ communication and collaboration skills.

With our certificate courses, diploma courses, executive programs and customized programs delivered online, self-paced online, and in-person formats, our practical and proven frameworks can be accessed from anywhere. China oriented executives and professionals can develop skills critical to their role. Teams attending a course together can apply their learnings with greater impact in their organizations.

Benefits of an Enterprise account

  • Discount. A special discount on tuition fees applies for organizations enrolling more than 10 participants in our courses, programs and coaching per year, based on the annual commitment.
  • Streamlined enrollment process. Your employees can directly enroll themselves into our courses, programs and coaching, and their tuition is debited from your Enterprise Account balance.
  • Dedicated account management. We will provide you with an initial consultation as well as ongoing advice about programs which are most likely to fit the needs of your employees and organization. You will also have a dedicated point of contact for registration and account management.

How we deliver value

We deliver value in multiple ways, including

  • Experienced professionals. Our programs and courses are designed and taught in close partnership with experienced foreign and China based industry professionals.
  • Actionable knowledge. New gained knowledge and insights from our programs, courses and business-oriented publications are directly applicable in business.
  • Official data sources. Data from official sources is utilized to provide a detailed and accurate view on the latest developments on China’s business environment.
  • Tailormade literature. To reflect the latest business developments in China, our programs and courses include tailormade literature and reading materials.

An explanatory meeting, questions, or advice?

Would you like to know more about how we can support your organization? Our Learning & Development Advisors are happy to assist you and to offer you perfectly suitable advice and training program. Please do not hesitate to contact us via the button below, via email at or via telephone +86 139 1856 3747.