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eBook: Entering The Chinese Market Via A Representation Office

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  • Author: Dr. R.A. van Ostende
  • Title: Entering the Chinese Market via a Representation Office
  • Language: English
  • Format: PDF
  • Version: 2021
  • Pages: 40 
  • Price: EUR 29,95

An increasing number of foreign companies are doing business with China. As their business continues to develop, companies at a given time entrepreneurs will have to make a strategic decision whether to establish a representation in China in order to be able to act adequately on the opportunities the Chinese business environment has to offer. The decision to set up an office in China and decide in which form is not to be taken lightly.

The Representative Office is the most basic of Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIE’s) in form. The absence of capital requirements, a straightforward incorporation process in combination with a relatively short timeline and minimal requirements on overhead investments, makes Representation Offices an excellent means to test the market in terms of looking for Chinese suppliers, customers, for coordinating the foreign parent companies’ activities in China as well as for conducting market research required for developing a long-term strategy for China. All factors considered it is a relatively safe first step into establishing a permanent local presence in the Chinese market.

In this publication focus goes out to the organizational, personnel, legal and compliance aspects of setting up a Representative Office in Mainland China. The information provided aims to support entrepreneurs with relevant insights to successfully establish their office in China.

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