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Entering China Via Hong Kong: Setting Up A Hong Kong Limited

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During the second half of the last century the world first came to know Hong Kong as one of the Asian tiger economies. Hong Kong’s economy is characterized by its ability to maintain exceptionally high growth rates for decades. Since long Hong Kong’s approach serves as a model for many developing countries. At present Hong Kong remains one of the world’s preferred locations for international business and therefore a very much appealing location for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In this certificate course focus goes out to the organizational, financial, legal, personnel, and compliance aspects required to successfully start up a Hong Kong Limited. Next, addresses the operating and corporate maintenance requirements of a Hong Kong Limited, and lastly the advantages of entering mainland China via a Hong Kong Limited are discussed.

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"Many organizations active in mainland China structure their business interests via a Hong Kong Limited. This certificate course supports aspiring entrepreneurs to understand how to navigate both systems".
Dr. Van Ostende
Founder, Institute for China Studies

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