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Via our Short Courses we provide executives and working professionals with basic, bite-sized pieces of selected information which allows you take immediate action that is required in their work environments.

We offer multiple courses in the fields of Human Resource Management, Risk Management, Procurement and Investment Management.

Our Short Courses can be delivered online via our learning platform, via in-company teaching and via blended learning.

Our Short Courses are designed to provide our students with actionable information which can be directly applied into their professional work environments.

Our short courses serve as a first introduction towards the different aspects of the Chinese business context, and as a foundation for further China studies towards our Certificate and Diploma Courses.

Dr. Richard van Ostende
Founder, Institute for China Studies

Principles For Termination Of Employment And Return Of Dispatched Employees

In this short course you will learn about the legal grounds for the termination of employment relationships and develop an in-depth understanding in which instances the employee, and the employer are both allowed to unilaterally terminate the employment contact, when termination is not allowed and in which situations it is beneficiary for both parties to reach a mutual agreement. In the course the legal grounds for financial compensation are discussed, and you will develop insight in the calculation for severance payment under different circumstances that might apply to a case.

How To Draft Termination Agreements For Mutual Consent And Unilateral Notice

In this short course you will learn how to draft termination agreements for unilateral notice and mutual consent acceptable under PRC Labor Law and PRC Labor Contract Law in China. In this short course examples of main provisions which can be included in the agreement for termination are discussed. Each paragraph introduces a certain provision, which is substantiated by additional information on the purpose of the provision, the meaning and implication of its content, and further information on the background to place the provision in a broader context.

How To Draft Individual Employment Contracts In China

In this short course individual employment contracts are introduced, as well as the requirements for conclusion of these types of contracts. To translate law and regulations into business practice, examples of provisions which can be included in individual employment contracts drafted in accordance with the PRC Labor Contract Law are provided. You will develop a better understanding of examples of main provisions which can be included in individual employment contracts drafted in accordance with the PRC Labor Contract Law, its detailed implementation regulations are provided. 

How To Verify A Business License In China

When performing due diligence in mainland China, the most important document to request from potential customers or suppliers is a scanned color copy of the business license, with an imprint of the company chop affixed to it. The business license forms the starting point of the investigation and when provided, it should be assessed carefully. In this short course the characteristics of the business license are discussed in detail to provide an understanding required to verify the authenticity of the business license. This short course provides a general verification checklist of the items included in the business license, making it possible to identify red flags which requires clarification.

How To Verify Chinese Seals And Signatures

The use of company seals in China is deeply embedded in daily business practice and replace the function of signatures as used in Western countries. Every company holds a set of company seals, of which each is to be used for a different purpose. In this short course the importance of sealed documentation in China will be discussed, followed by the outlining the characteristics and use of most commonly used seals. Finally focus goes out to establishment of a legal framework and internal control system for seal company seal management. Signatures still serve strong purpose in the process of risk mitigation, but there are a number of aspects that need to be considered which are discussed in this short course. 

How To Verify Chinese Bank Account Details

Before any financial transaction is made the bank account should be confirmed to ensure that the payment will be transferred to the correct beneficiary. In this short course, two of those source documents, the Bank Account Opening Certificate and the Bank Account Statement are discussed in detail. Further, the details of telegraphic transfer payments made by foreign enterprises to companies located in mainland China are discussed. Focus goes out to checks and cross referencing of information which should be performed to ensure the payment is made to the correct company before processing a payment.

Profit Repatriation from China via Dividend Payments

In this course you will learn the ins and outs of processing dividend payments from China. You will develop a deep understanding of the preconditions that organizations must meet to be able to effect dividend payments, learn how to calculate net dividends, as well as the applicable payment procedure that has to be complied with. 

Understanding China's Foreign Investment Rules And Regulations

In this short course China’s foreign investment management system is introduced. You will develop a first understanding on how the process of investment into China is structured. You will learn to determine whether the desired investments for expanding your organization into China are possible. Investment-related requirements and conditions that might apply are discussed in detail. You will further learn to make an initial assessment on whether your desired investment is possible and which requirements might apply.

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