Institute for China Studies

Institute for China Studies incorporated

4 January 2024, Hong Kong

New innovative Institute for China Studies launched, aimed to support better informed business decisions when doing business in China and with China-based enterprises.

We are proud and honored to announce that on 4 January 2024 the Institute for China Studies has been officially incorporated. An important milestone to celebrate!

Located in Hong Kong, one of Asia’s most vibrant business locations, we focus on offering executive programs, diploma, certificate courses which provide our students with information and insights which can be directly used in their professional work.

We are starting with offering 14 certificate courses in the areas of Human Resources Management, Sales & Business Development, Foreign Investment, Corporate Finance, and Intellectual Property Rights. Currently multiple programs and courses are under development and more information to be provided soon.

Offering maximum flexibility to our students, our programs and courses are delivered face-to-face via in-company or public training, online via our state-of the-art Learning Management System, as well as via blended learning, where we provide a combined solution of face-to-face and online learning.

Our Mission

The mission of the Institute for China is to provide working professionals and business executives with the essential knowledge and understanding required to make better-informed business decisions related to business in and with China, delivered via online learning, via webinars and via in-company trainings. Via our publications, business guides, and handbooks we aim to provide insights on how the latest developments shape China’s business landscape and influence international business.

Our Motivation

China’s years of continuous economic development have resulted in a constantly evolving and fast-paced changing of the domestic and international business landscape. These continuous changes will continue to influence demographic, economic, politics, ecologic, social, and technological developments.

When it comes to interaction when doing business in and with China, in different regions of the country, different languages and dialects are spoken, and cultural differences are to be considered, which not only exist between Chinese and foreign people, but also among the Chinese themselves. In addition, daily, China is subject of popular debate. Altogether, doing business in China and with China based enterprises is not always straightforward. Our aim is to provide objective information from official sources which lead to a better understanding and insight of how business in China works and does not work, supporting better-informed business decisions.

Our Approach

The foundation of our executive programs, online courses, webinars, in-company trainings, and publications consists out of Chinese regulatory materials, which includes national level laws, related detailed implementation regulations, opinion papers and Q&As issued by relevant authorities. 

This content is substantiated by expert contributors who share their best practices, experiences, and leanings from business practice, to provide you with an understanding on a certain aspect of doing business in China and with enterprises based in China. Further insights and opinions are provided via materials issued by international organizations, PRC organizations, Sino-foreign business advocacy organizations, Chinese and foreign semi-governmental organizations, think tanks and industry leading enterprises. 

In our programs, courses, trainings, and webinars provide you with policy documentation, both in the original Mandarin Chinese language, plus a translation into English, for you to read and develop an understanding of the language used in official documentation. For the purpose of comprehension, you are further provided with tailored course materials, composed in business English, which provides you with an analysis and interpretation of the official texts. 

Initial attention in our programs, courses and trainings goes out to provide information and translate the information in a way you develop a profound understanding of the subject, as well as the implications for doing business. Following, through assignments you will apply this knowledge and understanding to your own organizational and business context.