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Expert contributors

The Institute for China Studies regularly invites business leaders, industry experts, startup owners, and successful alumni, to share their insights and experiences first-hand with students onsite at our Campus as part of the face-to-face delivery of programs, as well as online via our Digital Campus. During these sessions students get to connect and network with professionals, helping them developing a better understanding of the dynamics of doing business in China and with China-based enterprises.

Company visits

We frequently organize visits for our students to leading China-based companies. The purpose of these visits is to provide our students with the opportunity to Learn by Doing through meeting, engaging, and interacting with the management teams and the top-level executives of the companies, where they can relate the theoretical concepts studied in class to real-life business situations.

China Business Podcast

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Via our publications, business guides, and handbooks we aim to provide insights on how the latest developments shape China’s business landscape and influence international business. Basis of our publications are related law and regulations, which are further complemented with practical business experiences, case studies, lessons learned and best practices. 

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