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Due Diligence Essentials for Doing Business with China-based Enterprises

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Course Highlights

  • Learn how to identify risks associated with the business license, company seals, payments, company and factory visits, sales prices, company websites and way of contact with counterparts
  • Learn how to perform basic due diligence of customer, supplier, and potential business partners
  • Gain in-depth insights in red flag areas related to financial transactions
  • Learn how to cross reference information from different sources
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of duly sealed and signed documentation

Course Description

International business is not without risk and careful selection of potential cooperation partners is imperative. This applies to China as well. The vast majority of enterprises located in China are legitimately established, doing business, and  seeking to develop their business operations in an honest way, compliant with domestic and international laws, regulations, and ethical standards. Unfortunately, a few that are not.

This course focuses on the essentials of desktop research based basic due diligence that should be performed at minimum when verifying the merit of a customer or supplier originating from mainland China. Attention goes out to developing the skills and competencies to identify, manage, and mitigate potential risks and identified risk areas by providing in-depth insight in laws, regulations, standards, best practices, and further criteria which can serve as a benchmark for cross referencing of information to be requested from and provided by the potential cooperation partner.

To support well informed business decisions, the content of this course is supported by multiple detailed examples and checklists used for verification and cross referencing of information from multiple sources.

Tailor-made Literature

The literature and reading materials used in this course have been designed to provide detailed insights in how basic desktop due diligence is performed

100% Online Delivery
The course is designed to be completed fully online enabling students to continue working during the course
Assessment is carried out through a series of written assignments to be completed at the end of each unit
The standard duration of the course is 4 weeks based on an average time commitment of 4 hours per week
Personal Assistance
Throughout the course you can contact your professor for professional questions via the online learning environment
The course covers all literature essential to acquiring the fundamental knowledge for performing due diligence into China
No specific prior education or knowledge about China-related due diligence is required to be admitted to this course
Target Audience
Executives from all industries interested in in doing business in China
A course certificate is issued upon the successful completion of the course
Tuition fee
Tuition fee for the entire course is EUR 299 to be paid in advance