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Essentials for Performing Market & Industry Analysis in China

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Course Highlights

  • You will become experienced in performing market and industry research in a structured and efficient way.
  • Develop insight in how China’s market environment is structured and operated on national, provincial, and regional levels, and learn to assess the importance and interconnectivity of different market factors.
  • Become able to assess the competitive forces that influence the industry environment and determine its attractiveness.
  • Learn to navigate information from sources including but not limited to International Organizations, PRC Organizations, Sino-Foreign Business Advocacy Organizations, Industry Associations, Research Institutes, Business Schools and Management Consultants.

Course Description

In ten weeks, you will learn the skills required to perform market and industry research in China. You will gain valuable in-depth insights in the markets and industries of your interest, which supports you when making well-informed business decisions.

You will explore developments in the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental domains, on national, provincial and regional levels to determine the influence on your market of interest. You will further develop a better understanding of how to define China’s dynamic industry environment, identify current and expected future industry developments, and master tools, techniques, and best practices to perform industry analysis. You will develop a deeper understanding of the interconnectivity of the competitive forces that influence the industry competitiveness, attractiveness, and business profitability.

To successfully complete this course, you are expected to be “hands-on” and proactively performing industry analysis. At the beginning of the course, you will indicate in which market and industry you have an interest to develop a better understanding. Using a predefined structured template, you will create an overview of the knowledge and understanding related to the respective industry you currently possess. This overview serves the starting point for performing the industry analysis. This document is a “living document” which you will update and substantiate on a weekly basis throughout the course. Upon completion of the course, you have performed comprehensive industry analysis and an assessment of the attractiveness of the industry.

Your new skills and insights can be directly implemented in your professional work environment where you can support the design of future business strategies related to your market environment in China.

100% Online Delivery
The course is designed to be completed fully online enabling students to continue working during the course
Assessment is carried out through a series of written assignments to be completed at the end of each unit
The standard duration of the course is 10 weeks based on an average time commitment of 8 to 10 hours per week
Personal Assistance
Throughout the duration of the course you can contact your course professor for professional questions via the online learning environment
The course covers all literature and materials essential to performing in-depth market analysis in China
No specific prior education or knowledge about market or industry analysis related to China is required
Target Audience
Executives from all industries interested in understanding the attractiveness of their business environment in China
A course certificate is issued upon the successful completion of the course
Tuition Fee
Tuition fee for the course is EUR 499 to be paid in advance