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Profit Repatriation from China via Dividend Payments

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Course Highlights

  • Develop a deep understanding of the preconditions for effecting dividend payments from China
  • Learn how to calculate net dividends payable to your parent company
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the payment procedure and timeline
  • Determine whether Double Taxation Agreements between China and your country are in place, and what effect these might have on the overall tax burden
  • Learn how your organization might become eiligible for tax benefits

Course Description

In four weeks, you will learn the ins and out of processing dividend payments from China. You will develop a deep understanding of the preconditions that organizations must meet to be able to effect dividend payments, learn how to calculate net dividends, as well as the applicable payment procedure that has to be complied with.

Depending on the bilateral Double Taxation Agreements between China and the contracting country or non-state tax jurisdictions where the foreign parent company is located, generating income in China has tax implications which might affect the overall tax burden of both the China-based subsidiary company and the foreign parent company. You will develop an in-depth insight Corporate Income Tax and Withholding Tax liabilities that might apply and which requirements your organization has to meet to become eligible to reduce these liabilities.

Your new gained knowledge and insights are directly applicable in your professional work environment. To support well informed business decisions the content of this course is supported by detailed calculation examples, illustrations of process flows and checklists.

Tailor-made Literature

The literature and reading materials used in this course have been designed to ensure the latest developments in China related to the repatriation of profits from China utilizing dividend payments are reflected.

100% Online Delivery
The course is designed to be completed fully online enabling students to continue working during the course
Assessment is carried out through a series of written assignments to be completed at the end of each unit
The standard duration of the course is 4 weeks based on an average time commitment of 4 hours per week
Personal Assistance
Throughout the duration of the course you can contact your course professor for professional questions via the online learning environment
The course covers all literature and reading materials essential to repatriating profits via dividend payments from China
No specific prior education or knowledge about profit repatriation from China is required to be admitted to this course
Target Audience
Executives from all industries interested in corporate finance in China
A course certificate is issued upon the successful completion of the course
Tuition Fee
Tuition fee for the entire course is EUR 299 to be paid in advance