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Setting up a Branch Office in China

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Course Highlights

  • Learn how to accelerate the expansion of your organization and business operations in Mainland China by setting up Branch Offices.
  • Gain in-depth insights in the main considerations to be made when deciding to set up a China-based Branch Office, and develop an understanding of the advantages and limitations of expanding your organization in China utilizing branch offices compared to establishing a subsidiary company.
  • Become knowledgeable about the similarities and differences of roles and responsibilities representatives at both the China-based parent company and the Branch Office fulfill within the group.

Course Content

Branch Offices are considered as a popular investment vehicle for fast expansion of their business operations throughout China, since it provides a formal representation, in combination with comparable low incorporation requirements easy maintenance. In this course you will develop a deep understanding of the main characteristics of the types of branch offices are introduced, followed by an explanatory of the establishment process including indicative timeline and documentation requirements.

You will develop insights in the conditions and considerations related to the formulation of the business scope of both the China-based parent company and the branch offices, as well as considerations regarding subscribed capital requirements of the parent company. Further attention goes out to the considerations of localization of the branch office.

Regarding operational management of the organization, you will learn about the roles and responsibilities representatives at both the parent company and the branch office fulfil, management of the company seals and the accounting and tax setup of the different types of branch offices. From a commercial perspective you will develop insights in the roles the types of branch offices are allowed to fulfil in the process of conclusion of commercial contracts.

Tailor-made Literature

The literature and reading materials used in this course have been designed to ensure the latest developments in China related to the establishment of Branch Offices are reflected.

100% Online Delivery
The course is designed to be completed fully online enabling students to continue working during the course
Assessment is carried out through a series of written assignments to be completed at the end of each unit
The standard duration of the course is 2 weeks based on an average time commitment of 4 hours per week
Personal Assistance
Throughout the course you can reach out to your course professor for professional questions via the online learning environment
The course covers all literature and reading materials essential to acquiring the fundamental knowledge for setting up Branch Offices in China
No specific prior knowledge is required. Completion of the course “Navigating China’s Foreign Investment Landscape” is highly recommended
Target Audience
Executives from all industries interested in foreign investment into China
A course certificate is issued upon successful completion of the entire course
Tuition Fee
Tuition fee for the entire course is EUR 199 to be paid in advance