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Via our Fellowship Program, we provide selected individuals a one-year intensive learning opportunity and extended hands-on guided support focused on entrepreneurship in China, thoroughly preparing aspiring entrepreneurs to successfully launching their business venture, which can be a new start-up or expansion of existing foreign business into China.

In phase 1 of the program, we support you by developing foundational knowledge, and facilitating an on the ground fact-finding mission to China. You combine desktop research and perform applied research following the site visit to China, where new gained information and first-hand insights will be incorporated in the investment plan for the new business venture.

In phase 2 of the program, we continue to support by developing further management knowledge required for efficiently managing daily operations. Dedicated post establishment management support includes providing professional executive coaching to our new entrepreneurs.

During the program we provide leadership assessment resources, a network of peers, and sector expertise, and introductions to providers of targeted financial capital.

Via our Fellowship Program we support aspiring entrepreneurs making their dream come true by guiding them how to prepare for and start up their business China based business venture.
Dr. Van Ostende
Founder, Institute for China Studies

How we deliver value

Tailored knowledge

Factfinding mission to China

Professional executive coaching

Dedicated business support

Our program includes executive courses part of the development of knowledge, enabling the fellow to progress through the materials at an own pace, as well as direct 1:1 in-person and/or online contact with the course professors.

During the first half year of our program a factfinding visit to China is organized, where students gain new information and first-hand insights to be incorporated in the investment plan for the new business venture.

During the program our fellows will receive 1:1 professional coaching with a hands-on and experienced China-focused entrepreneur who helps set priorities, discusses options and pitfalls and supports you with practical knowledge, in order to get results faster. 

We understand that realizing sustainable business growth in China can be difficult and that organizations may lack the internal resources to execute new strategies. We transform research knowledge in actionable business solutions.

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